Drupal Consulting

Drupal consulting in London: The trusted experts

As specialists in Drupal consulting since 2007 we have a wealth of experience that we would like to share with you.

Offering everything from advice on technical strategy, reviews of custom development, help with RFPs, and project planning - we can guide you on best practices in creating a maintainable Drupal website that can adapt as your needs change.

Choose from ‘as needed’ consultancy or an on going monthly package on a retainer basis.

Prefer talking face to face? As we’re based near Canary Wharf, we’re able to consult with most companies across London, and will travel to you if you prefer.


Why Choose Us

  • In depth expertise
  • Can provide “as needed” consultancy
  • Monthly retainers for on-going consultancy
  • We can travel to you

Our Drupal Consulting Services

Drupal Advocacy

Need help deciding if Drupal is the right choice for your organisation? We can answer your questions and make the technical and business case for using Drupal.

Technical Strategy

We can help your team plan how to implement features in Drupal by providing development strategies, and recommendations for existing contributed modules that will save your project significant time and money.

Custom Development Reviews

We can check the code your team develops to make sure it's secure, maintainable, and complies with Drupal coding standards. By giving detailed feedback to your team we can improve their skills as well as the code we review.

RFP Creation & Evaluation

We can help you write an RFP that clearly expresses your goals, has realistic timescales, and well defined scoring criteria.

We can also provide a technical evaluation of the responses to your RFP and help you find the most suitable vendor.

Project Planning

We can convert your existing project planning into a digital strategy for developing a successful Drupal site, or start from scratch by scoping, defining and wire-framing the project to set a safe course for development.

How We Work

Code Positive believes that it's important to have a clear understanding of the goals of a project, to define solutions that are measurable in their effectiveness, and to use best practices in creating a maintainable website that can adapt as your needs change.