About the Client

The Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI) is a non-profit organisation that helps members come together to address issues in a wide variety of areas within the global agricultural and development sector - these include focus on food security, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability.

SIANI seeks to enable more informed debate and policy-making in the Swedish agriculture and international development sector.

Client Goals

SIANI approached Code Positive to re-build their website, with the main objectives of improving communication with their members (and between their members) and more effective sharing of information about the Agricultural and Development sector.

Using Drupal we created a platform that enables SIANI to have better communication with their members. Features on the new website include events, news, email newsletters, resources, and members profiles.

What We Did

At the start of the project Code Positive spent time with SIANI to be able to fully understand the scope and objectives of the project. We helped to define a clear project plan that could be translated into a technical specification.

We delivered wireframes to SIANI to confirm the website structure and progressed through a number of design iterations to arrive at a clear and compelling design solution

The development work was delivered in a series of sprints using agile methodology. We integrated testing as part of our development work.

After a successful launch we provided hosting for the website.