Code Positive offers a variety of different marketing services each tailored to suit individual client needs.

We start all marketing projects by putting together a strategic plan, so that we can be sure to follow a coherent approach. It is important for us to understand your business objectives so that we can put together a clear, results-driven approach.

As part of our Content Marketing service we work with you to design a highly focused content strategy. This is a proven, effective way to engage audiences and drive engagement.

Data is the foundation of all our work. We help you to understand your Google Analytics data to find meaningful, actionable insights to ensure you meet your business goals.

Paid Search is a complimentary activity to SEO. A Google Adwords campaign can feed into your Search Engine Optimisation strategy by helping to refine keywords and provide more data on keyword effectiveness.

As Paid Search generally has the top 3 spots on a page it makes sense to combine this with an organic search strategy.

For Organic Search (SEO) we combine targeted content and optimised keywords with ensuring you use the right tags.

Social Media Marketing can help you to engage with your audience in an authentic way. If you are just starting out with Social Media we can help you to get the basics right or if you've already been using Social Media in your Marketing we can help you to refine and optimise your approach.

Whatever your marketing needs, get in touch and we'll be happy to help