Drupal 8 Site Building Training

A practical introduction to Drupal 8 site building. This is a one day training workshop for a team with an understanding of digital technologies, but new to Drupal.

This workshop is focussed on building Drupal sites through configuration and modules rather than custom code.

Drupal 8 Site Building workshop will enable you to...

  • Build new types of content
  • Add new types of information to existing types of content
  • Control text input and display
  • Control the display of content
  • Set one to one relationships between information
  • Categorise and group content
  • Create site sections
  • Set up information architecture for the site
  • Add miscellanious elements to a page or set of pages
  • Control membership & permissions
  • Use and manage files
  • Import & export configuration
  • Add extra features with modules

At the end of the day the team will feel confident to continue exploring Drupal's capabilities and will be able to ask the right questions to get the answers they need.

Who this session is for...

Anyone who needs to build or maintain a Drupal website.

No programming experience is needed.

Although the focus of this workshop is site building, frontend developers will also benefit by understanding underlying concepts and learning terminology used by the rest of the team.

About our Drupal training workshops...

Our Drupal 8 training courses take place at a purpose built training centre in London, and we guarantee small class sizes, no more than 8 students per training course, so that you can get the attention you need.

As specialists who have been working with Drupal since 2007 we have a wealth of knowledge we would like to share with you.