Drupal Support and Maintenance

Going live with a project is only the beginning, now comes the hard work, you need support and maintenance for your website.

Drupal Support and Maintenance Options

We provide two types of support and maintenance

  • Security updates - Code Positive team members have been actively involved in Drupal’s security team for many years. We have a tested rapid response plan in place to manage updates for critical Drupal vulnerabilities. Our automated testing framework and strict development policies allow us to deploy updates to code quickly when they are discovered.
  • Bug fixes - we can address any bugs as they arise.

Why get a Drupal support and maintenance package?

A big advantage of a support and maintenance agreement is that it enables you to budget for the project, and us to schedule time to work on it.

We have a help desk system in place so that any ticket you raise will be seen by a team member as soon as possible. We can agree the service levels that you need to suit your project.

Get in contact for more information about our support and maintenance plans.