CRIN project

CRIN | Case Study

CRIN is a global children’s rights advocacy network. Established in 1995, they press for rights - not charity - and campaign for a genuine shift in how governments and societies view and treat children.

They had become frustrated with their digital services, in particular the website and email and were uncertain how to regain control and develop a clear strategy.

FSA project

Food Standards Agency | Case Study

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is the UK’s central government department for food safety and hygiene in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Their work touches every person in the UK and includes research, policy making, legislation, industry guidance and regulation.

Code Positive were engaged to completely rebuild the high traffic site, add new features and migrate 10,000+ pages of content from its old proprietary CMS to Drupal.

Global Canopy Programme

Global Canopy Programme

Global Canopy Programme provides innovative solutions to protect tropical forests by demonstrating the scientific, political and financial case for their safeguarding as natural capital essential to lasting human wellbeing and economic prosperity.

Sage Pay project

Sage Pay | Case Study

Sage Pay is one of the world's most trusted payment solutions providers.

Sage Pay approached Code Positive to re-build the main corporate platform from which all Sage Pay country websites are built and maintained. The objectives were to present fresh new branding and make it possible for Sage Pay customers, partners, and developers to more quickly find solutions and information.  

SIANI project

SIANI | Case Study

The Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI) is a non-profit organisation that helps members come together to address issues in a wide variety of areas within the global agricultural and development sector.

SIANI approached Code Positive to re-build their website, with the main objectives of improving communication with their members (and between their members) and more effective sharing of information about the Agricultural and Development sector.

The REDD Desk project

The REDD Desk | Case Study

REDD is an international process designed to reduce greenhouse gases. Drupal was used to create an easy to navigate centralised source of information about REDD projects, policies, research, and events.

GCP tasked us to create a site that centralised information about REDD, making it easier to navigate and engage with. Code Positive provided consultancy, project planning, development, and hosting for the project.

Worldpay project

Worldpay | Case Study

Worldpay's flagship site,, showcases their industry leading knowledge and research, offers insight into their products and services and acts as a portal for supporting their global client base.

Worldpay approached Code Positive to re-engineer their site and guide them through improving their digital strategy.