The Code Positive Process

Code Positive has more than 10 years experience in website design. We have a tried and tested process to ensure that we design and build websites that are robust, stable and effective.

We have worked with many happy customers and have an experienced and dedicated team.

Our process

The first step in our process is to discover your organisation’s goals and objectives.

We can help you clarify your thinking and define what to build. This is a very important part of the website design process. Investing some time in thinking through what you want to achieve with your new website will help with the planning process and save time and money later on.

We engage with our customers to understand their needs using impact mapping to define goals, actors, target impacts, deliverables, and user stories.

All features are derived from user stories that define the value of the features, and each user story includes well defined acceptance criteria, confirming when a story has been completed.

Acceptance criteria are also used to write automated tests that we run as part of our quality assurance process to check that features continue to work as expected when other new features are introduced.

Well Documented

User stories also serve as documentation for the project, with all features of the site being traceable to the user stories and goals they were created achieve.

If a goal of the project changes then having user stories makes it possible to add, change, or remove associated features with confidence.

Site Style

The next stage is to explore the visual side of the site. Based on your guidance we prepare a visual identity for the website that brings coherence and clarity for your users.

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