About Code Positive

Code Positive provides the commercial support organisations need to take the plunge into Drupal with confidence.

The origins of Code Positive go back to 2004 when Robert Castelo attended the first DrupalCon in Antwerp.

Compared to the huge turnout that DrupalCon has now it was a tiny event with less than 30 people, but it was an amazing concentration of talent and enthusiasm, and Robert came back to London hungry for more!

London Drupal User Group

Robert started organising a monthly Drupal user group event in London with Peter Brownell, another local Drupal enthusiast, which quickly grew from 20 people to 200.

At the same time demand for Drupal skills also grew as major organisations like MTV, Comic Relief, and The Economist started using Drupal.

Drupal Support

Keen to help large projects succeed with Drupal, Peter and Robert formed Code Positive in 2007.

We took the experience and best practises we had built up over years of being active in the Drupal community, and became one of the first companies in the world specialised in providing clients with the support they needed to use Drupal with confidence.

Our clients include organisations as diverse as Greenpeace, Comic Relief, BT, SIANI, Sage Pay, and World Pay.

London Local

Our office is in the historic building of Limehouse Town Hall, just round the corner from Canary Wharf, London.

Drupal Community

We continue to run regular events such as Drupal For Enterprise, Drupal For Publishers, Drupal For Government, and Drupal For NGOs.

Code Positive also sponsors staff contributions to the Drupal community including maintainance of Drupal UK, participation in the Drupal Security Team, and organising of Drupal Sprint Weekends in London.

The Code Positive Team

We are a multidisciplinary and agile team, built around our core Drupal development expertise.

Our team’s collective contribution to Drupal encompasses core and “contrib” tools as well as documentation - we are credited on over 60 modules and themes used on over 100,000 websites worldwide.

As well as the technical expertise in the team we also have experienced product managers to help define and guide your project. Whether you need a simple website design or more complex bespoke development we have the skills and knowledge to deliver.

Committed To Excellence

The Drupal community’s dedication to quality is what attracted us to it, and we are committed to delivering the same level of excellence for our clients that has made Drupal thrive.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help with your Drupal project.