Code Positive

Code Positive has been building Drupal websites since 2007, when we launched as one of the first companies in the world specialised in providing Drupal services. Growing from these technical roots, Code Positive has gradually added client and product managers to the team in order to more effectively deliver and service enterprise level projects.

Our clients include organisations as diverse as BT, Comic Relief, and Sage Pay.

Drupal Community Roots

Code Positive is based in London and was founded by Peter Brownell and Robert Castelo.

Individualy we each started developing for Drupal around 2004, and formed the company three years later after co-organising the London Drupal user group, and feeling it was the natural next step to also provide commercial support for companies interested in taking the plunge with Drupal.

We continue to run regular events such as Drupal For Enterprise, Drupal For Publishers, Drupal For Government, and Drupal For NGOs.

Code Positive also sponsors other staff contributions to the Drupal community including maintainance of Drupal UK, and participation in the Drupal Security Team.

Committed To Excellence

The Drupal community’s dedication to quality is what attracted us to it, and we are committed to delivering the same level of excellence for our clients that has made Drupal thrive.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help with your Drupal project.